There are numerous implementations of Scheme and just as many language bindings for them – sometimes even multiple ones per implementation. This list is by no means exhaustive.

GNU Guile

There are currently two actively maintained projects to provide GObject language bindings for GNU Guile.

BindingsLatest versionGuile 2.2Guile 3.0



G-Golf (Gnome: (Guile Object Library for)) is a library for developing modern applications in Guile Scheme. It comprises a direct binding to the GObject Introspection API and higher-level functionality for importing Gnome libraries and making GObject classes (and methods) available in Guile’s object-oriented programming system, GOOPS.

G-Golf does not yet have a release, but development builds can be made from its Git repository.

Hello world

;; Load Gtk
(use-modules (g-golf))
(gi-import "Gtk")

;; When the application is launched..
(define (activate app)
  ;; - Create a new window and a new button
  (let ((window (make <gtk-application-window> #:application app))
        (button (make <gtk-button> #:label "Hello, World!")))
    ;; - Which closes the window when clicked
    (connect button 'clicked (lambda (b) (close window)))
    (add window button)
    (show-all window)))

;; Create a new application
(let ((app (make <gtk-application> #:application-id "com.example.GtkApplication")))
  (connect app 'activate activate)
  ;; Run the application
  (run app 0 '()))

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Guile-GI is a library for GNU Guile to generate a Scheme API from GObject Introspection information. It consists of a shared library containing glue code to interface with GObject and generate bindings, and Guile modules to export said bindings in a structured manner.

Hello world

(use-modules (gi))

(use-typelibs (("Gio" "2.0") #:select (activate run))
              ("Gtk" "3.0"))

;; This is the callback we install to handle the `activate'
;; signal that a <GApplication> may receive.
(define (on-activation app)
  ;; Create a <GtkApplicationWindow> for this
  ;; <GtkApplication>, plus a button.
  (let ((window (make <GtkApplicationWindow> #:application app))
        (button (make <GtkButton> #:label "Hello World")))
    ;; Register a lambda as the signal handler of the
    ;; <GtkButton>'s `clicked' signal.
    (connect button clicked (lambda (b) (close window)))
    (add window button)
    (show-all window)))

;; Create a new <GtkApplication>
(let ((app (make <GtkApplication> #:application-id "com.example.GtkApplication")))
  ;; Register the procedure `on-activation' as the
  ;; signal handler for the `activate' signal that the
  ;; <GtkApplication> handles.
  (connect app activate on-activation)
  ;; Call application:run.
  (run app '()))

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