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Building and testing GTK
Building and testing GTK
… or: how GTK developers check their work on the toolkit. Since GNOME’s collective move to GitLab, GTK has taken advantage of the features provided by that platform—especially when it... Read More
GTK Hackfest 2020 — Roadmap and accessibility
GTK Hackfest 2020 — Roadmap and accessibility
Between January 28th and January 31st, the GTK team held what’s now the third hackfest in Brussels. The main topics of the hackfest were: the schedule for the next development... Read More
GTK 3.98
GTK 3.98
A few days ago, I’ve released a GTK 3.98 tarball. This is another step towards GTK 4. It is a little bit behind schedule, and does not quite include all... Read More

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New Folder button should have focus-on-click set to FALSE
5. FileChooser GTK3
GtkEventBox: wrong size allocation when children change size request mode
Filechooser default widget is lost because of opening two consecutive popovers
5. FileChooser GTK3 GtkPopover
loading of additional compose sequences is broken
Fix up focus handling
GtkRadioMenuItem issues with GAction
docs: differentiate app- and widget-implemention-api
add GDK_ACTION_NONE=0 to GdkDragAction enum
weird behaviour of buttons in dialogs and radii
Adwaita Theme
Touchscreen events are not synchronized to the screen refresh
Touchpad gestures are not synchronized to the screen refresh
Review GdkKeymap api
CSS pseudo-classes ignored if another style sheet contains overlapping rule
Middle click action with moving before release button
1. Bug 5. PlacesSidebar GTK3
GDK on Windows/MacOS doesn't handle keypad/numpad events correctly
Fedora 32: Firefox resize fails after start