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Text is being rendered with little dots below some characters
GtkUriLauncher doesn't work on macOS
headerbar border sometimes disappears when using cairo

by two
Modal GtkPopover should not pass key presses to the window, nor allow accels be activated
GTK4 Wayland Protocol Error: XDG Popup Reposition
GTK4 GdkWindow/GdkSurface Wayland
wl-text-input reported surrounding text is outdated for pointer-based text selections
crash when destroying a listview with duplicate items
1. Crash

by two
Support explicit sync for dmabufs
Text is offset on macOS
2. Needs Information GTK4 MacOS
When printing in gnome-text-editor, settings modified in print dialog can't take efffect
5. Printing GTK4
GTK3 File Chooser inherits wrong "Recent" icon
gir: gtk_widget_add_tick_callback has its destroy callback set to async scope
gir: GtkPrinter:backend: property does not have getter
GTK4 application cannot create OpenGL context on NVidia videocard without `GDK_DEBUG=gl-glx`
CSS `border-top/bottom-right/left-radius` are applied incorrectly to GLArea
Gtk4 PopoverMenu: item's submenu doesn't close when focusing sibling item