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On deprecations
On deprecations
If you are paying attention to GTK’s git repository, you may have noticed a change in the last weeks. We have a directory gtk/deprecations, which is destined to contain source files that implement ... Read More
Inside the GTK font chooser
Inside the GTK font chooser
I’ve written about the handling of fonts in GTK before. This post is going to focus on how to use the more advanced font (and font chooser) features in your application. Finding fonts The most prom... Read More
sizable news
sizable news
For the upcoming GTK 4.6, we have overhauled a lot of the sizing infrastructure to make widgets fit even tighter and to make sure our sizing infrastructure actually does what it says. halign/valign... Read More

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GtkListStore lacking type column information
SciTE 5.3.1 pasting to other applications broken with 3.24.35 on Wayland
GTK 3.24.35 produces no visual output on macOS 10.13
Crash when adding a webkit view to non visible widgets
GdkMonitor: geometry inconsistent between X11 and Wayland
Failing to load GTK apps as another user under Wayland (failed to load cursor theme)

by Adam
gtk3-3.24.35 broke double click to maximize in many apps (regression from gtk3-3.24.34)
New cursor fallback handling is lacking
gtk3 v3.24.35 breaks the display of gtk3 applications in Alt+Tab for a while after launch
ReplayGain sub-menu always opens below
GTK4 - Popover Menu - First Line Is Highlighted By Default
GTK4 - Change Window Size When A Dialog (Modal) Is Shown
Gtk seems to treat primary selection as the main selection, making text selection impossible if middle click pasting is disabled on Wayland

by A D
GtkTextView: Ctrl-backspace only deletes a single character
Support automatic file extensions in save dialog