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Adventures in graphics APIs
Adventures in graphics APIs
Various people are working on porting desktop virtualization UIs to GTK4. This typically involves virgl, and the GTK3 solution was to use GtkGLArea. With GTK4, rendering is happening in GL anyway, ... Read More
GTK 4.2.0
GTK 4.2.0
GTK 4.2.0 is now available for download in the usual places. This release is the result of the initial round of feedback from the application developers porting their projects to GTK4, so it mostly... Read More
Input, revisited
Input, revisited
My last update talked about better visual feedback for Compose sequences in GTK’s input methods. I did not explicitly mention dead keys back then, but historically, X11 has treated dead keys and Co... Read More

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GtkCheckButton no longer cancels activation when moving cursor out of bounds
dnd api questions
Drag-and-drop GTK4
GtkBuilder's XML doesn't support GtkCallbackAction for shortcut
4. Help Wanted GTK4 GtkBuilder
x11: dnd leak
Drag-and-drop GTK4 X11
File chooser dialog: It should be possible to select a folder from the navigation pane
Message Dialog needs some extra padding
GtkSearchEntry:search-started isn't emitted when type directly to entry
[Gtk 4] Bring back ability to change GtkSearchEntry's primary icon
Raise WINVER and WIN32_WINNT to a sensible default value in GTK 4
Window can be snapped or maximized even resizable is False
Window resizing area not working on MacOS
window: Drop the keys-changed signal
Pressing a button inside a GtkNotebook tab activates tab in GTK 4

by Mat
GtkCellRendererToggle checkbuttons mostly invisible

by Mat
Regression - Word wrap in text box malfunctioning after update to GTK 3.24.29.
Add XML UI documentation
4. Help Wanted 8. Developer Docs GTK4