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GTK 4.4
GTK 4.4
GTK 4.4.0 is now available for download in the usual places. Here are some highlights of the work that has gone into it. The NGL renderer and GL support The NGL renderer has continued to see improv... Read More
The GTK Documentation
The GTK Documentation
As you may have noticed, there have been various changes in the GNOME developer documentation website, as of late. These changes also affected the API references for GTK and its core dependencies. ... Read More
Text input in GTK 4
Text input in GTK 4
To wrap up the recent series of posts about input topics, lets talk about text editing in GTK 4. The simple: shortcuts Maybe you just need to handle a few keys as editing commands, for example Ctrl... Read More

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Audio playback respecting system notification/DoNotDisturb setting
GtkFileChooserDialog takes unreasonably long with large amount of mounts
5. FileChooser
Print dialog accepts Chinese wide digits, prints wrong page
5. Printing
Gtk4: Please add a GtkTreeListRowFilter
1. Feature
Preferred DragAction of DropTargets is ignored on X11
Drag-and-drop GTK4 X11
GtkButton labelled by an image is somewhat pointless
"No provider of glCreateShader found." error after upgrade to GTK 4.4
Gtk 3.24, Greybird theme: Scrollbar is rendered in the wrong position
FR: New Signal GtkApplication::focus-out
../gdk/macos/GdkMacosWindow.h:64:22: error: expected a type -(void)setStyleMask:(NSWindowStyleMask)styleMask
TextEntry receives focus when (probably) shouldn't
Unclear how to translate string "gl-context"
8. Translation
Gtk.show_uri can't grant write permission
Opening Popover Causes Wild Framerate Fluctuation
Changes to dead keys input handling exposes accents in password fields.
Cannot return from custom color dialog to GTK3 default color chooser dialog