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GTK 4.0.1
GTK 4.0.1
We all took a bit of a break after 4.0 and did some other things, but now it is time for GTK 4.0.1. This is the first release after 4.0,... Read More
Who Wrote GTK4
Who Wrote GTK4
GTK 4 has been a colossal, multi-year development endeavor that started in October 2016 and ended in December 2020. Now that the 4.0 release is finally out, it’s time to... Read More
GTK 4.0
GTK 4.0
2020 has been a very long year. What better way to end it than with a major release!  Today, we released GTK 4.0. GTK 4.0 is the result of a... Read More

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Add paths as first-class objects
Clipped node doesn't render at all with GL renderer
Reduced Usability of scrollbars
destructive-action button in infobar not styled
Adwaita GTK3 Theme
GTK4 apps with CSDs don't maximize fully
GTK4 Wayland
gtkmm4.0 set_can_focus is broken
GTK4 GtkEntry Input
Cannot Type In Entries When Using GtkSearchBar type-to-search
Inspector: Replace css node treeview with a listview
5. Debugging GTK4 GtkTreeView
document typographical style classes
8. Developer Docs Theme
Allow out-of-tree "page" objects to be accessible
8. Accessibility
Consider dropping the GtkWidget::scale property
Creating a GtkShortcutsWindow triggers a warning about GtkContainer:child being deprecated
GtkFileChooser keeps the subdirectory selected when exiting it
5. FileChooser
GtkFileChooser returns a directory
5. FileChooser
Consider removing the gtk-theme-name setting
Editable cells in a GtkTreeView: Gtk-CRITICAL warning when editing a cell (GTK 4)