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GTK hackfest updates
GTK hackfest updates
As we often do, a few members of the GTK team and the wider GNOME community came together for a two-day hackfest before FOSDEM. This year, we were aiming to make progress on the topics of accessibi... Read More
New renderers for GTK
New renderers for GTK
Recently, GTK gained not one, but two new renderers: one for GL and one for Vulkan. Since naming is hard, we reused existing names and called them “ngl” and “vulkan”. They are built from the same s... Read More
Introducing graphics offload
Introducing graphics offload
Some of us in the GTK team have spent the last month or so exploring the world of linux kernel graphics apis, in particular, dmabufs. We are coming back from this adventure with some frustrations a... Read More

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Automatically strip control characters when pasting into a GtkEntry

by Kip
Unable to notify changes to non GtkWidget GtkAccessible object trees
8. Accessibility
gsk: Copy the 'underline trick' from the gl renderer
GtkListBox placeholder or filter can break rounded borders on last row selection
calendar: Drop day/month/year properties
[4.13.8] a11y/text and textview tests failing on armhf and i386 (32 bits issue?)
docs/iconcache.txt is outdated/wrong
GdkMonitor ListModel Tracking is Broken
Provide a visible search button in the Inspector's headerbar/toolbars, to make the search feature more easily discoverable
1. Enhancement 5. Debugging GTK4
Use-After-Free When Canceling Print Dialog
1. Bug Demos
gtk_icon_theme_lookup_icon() prefers fallbacks over primary name
[4.13.8] reftest label-sizing test failing
text/uri-list is handled incorrectly on MacOS > 10.14
1. Bug GTK3 MacOS
testsuite/tools/validate fails with newer Mesa and no hardware GPU
1. Regression Tests
The get_width() method doesn't return the actual width of an widget.
GtkStackSidebar fails to switch pages 👀