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GTK 4.11.1
GTK 4.11.1
Here is the first GTK snapshot of the new development cycle. A lot of things fell into place recently, so it is worth taking some time to go through the details of what is new, and what you can exp... Read More
Updates from inside GTK
Updates from inside GTK
Some of the core GTK developers recently got together for a few days to do some focused work and talk about current and future plans. It is difficult to summarize three days of discussions in a blo... Read More
A grid for the file chooser
A grid for the file chooser
In the last post, we discussed deprecating treeviews and cell renderers, among other things. All these deprecations cause a lot of work for applications and libraries using these APIs, so why are w... Read More

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new folder button in open dialog not shown until a row is selected

by two
translatable="1" strings in several .ui files
File picker dialog shows "The folder contents could not be displayed" error when a file path is pasted.
5. FileChooser GTK4
!4829 is not documented
8. Developer Docs

by p
Argument of Gtk.MenuShell.append() should be Gtk.Widget
Application crashes because buffer size not a multiple of 2
[GTK4/3] ScrolledWindow propagate_natural_height not calculating multi-line label height correctly
spurious failures of CI
GL renderer misrenders skew matrices
wayland: Can't unset Unicode code point shortcut (ctrl+shift+u)
Allow choosing different levels for GtkFontDialog
Creating the first window from a delayed g_main_context_invoke_full with G_PRIORITY_HIGH from a thread doesn't work
Focus keeps GtkNotebook alive
GTK4+nvidia-340: No provider of glGenSamplers found
Fishbowl demo crashes with "No function named `format_header_cb`."