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sizable news
sizable news
For the upcoming GTK 4.6, we have overhauled a lot of the sizing infrastructure to make widgets fit even tighter and to make sure our sizing infrastructure actually does what it says. halign/valign... Read More
GTK 4.4
GTK 4.4
GTK 4.4.0 is now available for download in the usual places. Here are some highlights of the work that has gone into it. The NGL renderer and GL support The NGL renderer has continued to see improv... Read More
The GTK Documentation
The GTK Documentation
As you may have noticed, there have been various changes in the GNOME developer documentation website, as of late. These changes also affected the API references for GTK and its core dependencies. ... Read More

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optimized GResource embedding breaking odd architectures, again
IM Engine never gets a notification that surrounding text changed after a widget or window gets focus
GtkText:input-purpose does nothing
GTK4 Input
cairo node and color node scale differently with low scale values when snapshot is converted to a child node
GtkColumnView didn't fire event: selection-changed
Filechooser Save as - issue when changing the file filter setting
2. Needs Information
GtkListView doesn't take wrapped labels height into account
inscription-markup.ui reftest rendered 1px to the left of the reference
Add a script to install docs locally
GTK3 re-uses wl_data_source
Window unresponsive after touch input on a Button
Ctrl+Shift+* shortcuts can be triggered with Ctrl+* on X11
GTK4 X11
Gtk3 sends map/map_event even when popup is not shown by compositor
2. Needs Information
Full screen GTK4 windows do not adjust to larger monitors if moved on Windows
Menu tooltips are not shown in Firefox / Wayland