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Paths in GTK, part 2
Paths in GTK, part 2
In the first part of this series, we introduced the concept of paths and looked at how to create a GskPath. But there’s more to paths than that. Path Points Many interesting properties of paths can... Read More
Paths in GTK
Paths in GTK
It is no secret that we want to get rid of cairo as the drawing API in GTK, so we can move more of our drawing onto the GPU. While People have found creative ways to draw things with render nodes, ... Read More
Evolving accessibility
Evolving accessibility
Our last post on accessibility in GTK4 was a while ago, time for an update. Thankfully, we have Lukáš Tyrychtr at Red Hat working on accessibility now. Accessibility – How does it work? One of the ... Read More

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Support layers
AtSpi assumes NULL terminated strings when this is not the necessarily the case
Typing in the filename entry is sluggish in FileChooserDialog in save mode as part of the GNOME portal
1. Bug 5. FileChooser GTK4 Wayland
Crash in Builder when opening a file
1. Crash
windows: Support GtkPrintDialog
5. Printing Windows
gtk4 apps: when right clicking the first entry in context menu is selected for a fraction of second
Empty tabs on print dialog when no printer is selected
4. Help Wanted 5. Printing
Autohide scrollbar misses content in some cases
2. Needs Design

by Sid
File Picker silently strips prefixed whitespace in file name when saving file.
1. Feature 2. Needs Design
Context menu: items get stuck in a "pressed" state when dragging the cursor away from the items
Explore optimizing GskContainerNode
4. Help Wanted
Gtk4 apps very glitchy when run with gles on mobile
GL Renderer
GtkShortcutsWindow gets cut at the bottom when there a lot of shortcuts
GdkDrag crashing, should drag animation timeout source be removed?
1. Crash
Nautilus crashes with reference to libgtk-4 (trace added)
1. Crash 2. Needs Information

by . .
GtkComboBox with GTK+ and Wayland does not work properly with appears-as-list set