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A grid for the file chooser
A grid for the file chooser
In the last post, we discussed deprecating treeviews and cell renderers, among other things. All these deprecations cause a lot of work for applications and libraries using these APIs, so why are w... Read More
On deprecations
On deprecations
If you are paying attention to GTK’s git repository, you may have noticed a change in the last weeks. We have a directory gtk/deprecations, which is destined to contain source files that implement ... Read More
Inside the GTK font chooser
Inside the GTK font chooser
I’ve written about the handling of fonts in GTK before. This post is going to focus on how to use the more advanced font (and font chooser) features in your application. Finding fonts The most prom... Read More

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filechooser: wrong context menu everywhere
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8. Accessibility GtkTooltip Input
Current line gets thinner during IME text composition
3.24.36 reftest previously worked but now fails: label-background.ui rendering difference
GTK3 Tests
Reset chars_changed_stamp in _gtk_text_btree_unref
Expressions attempt to remove weak references unsafely
GtkListWidgetItem can intercept click gestures
Gtk.Scale control ignored 'round-digits' property when adjusted through AT-SPI2
8. Accessibility GTK3 GtkScale
Bookmark: GUI glitches on bookmarking websites.
Getting context menu popup while zooming on multitouch touchscreen
GtkCalendar: Show first character of week name in fa_IR locale
Rework GtkFileSystemModel internally
1. Enhancement 5. FileChooser GTK4
AT-SPI2: Popup menus attached to widget are not detectable