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Accessibility in GTK 4
Accessibility in GTK 4
The big news in last weeks GTK 3.99.3 release is that we have a first non-trivial backend for our new accessibility implementation. Therefore, now is a good time to take... Read More
GTK 3.99.2
GTK 3.99.2
The GTK 3.99.2 release continues the topics from 3.99.1: api cleanup, new and polished demos, better documentation. You can see the details here. One small note on the topic of... Read More
One thing that I left unfinished in my recent series on list views and models in GTK 4 is a detailed look at GtkColumnView. This will easily be the most... Read More

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GtkRevealer does not allow scolling of child widget GtkTextView
Broadway: http headers should not be parsed case sensitive
Popover menu papercuts
incomplete and outdated documentation on GDK wayland
8. Developer Docs Wayland
textview selection highlight may be shown when no selection
GTK4 GtkTextView
hover style in dropdowns are broken
changing textview text properties breaks existing tags in widget-factory
GTK4 GtkTextView
Bump up the soname and version used when building GTK before the 4.0 release
Change check- and radio-menuitems behavior
GTK4 GtkMenuButton UI/UX Design
Scrolling hangs under Nvidia/X11 if Window tiled to the side
Eastern Arabic numerals are not recognized as such in gtk Widgets
Input Localisation
Difference unchecked and action entries in a popover
GTK4 GtkPopover Theme
Inconsistent sidebar styles
Adwaita GTK4
Hover is too subtle for me
Adwaita Theme
Part hidden text in "Modified" column when "save as" file chooser is opened
5. FileChooser GTK3
Optimise handling of presentational widgets
8. Accessibility GTK4