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sizable news
sizable news
For the upcoming GTK 4.6, we have overhauled a lot of the sizing infrastructure to make widgets fit even tighter and to make sure our sizing infrastructure actually does what it says. halign/valign... Read More
GTK 4.4
GTK 4.4
GTK 4.4.0 is now available for download in the usual places. Here are some highlights of the work that has gone into it. The NGL renderer and GL support The NGL renderer has continued to see improv... Read More
The GTK Documentation
The GTK Documentation
As you may have noticed, there have been various changes in the GNOME developer documentation website, as of late. These changes also affected the API references for GTK and its core dependencies. ... Read More

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Incorrect grabbing behaviour causing subsequent rejection of input when touch coordinates are negative

by hrdl
text moving when typing Japanese
With set_event_compression, last mouse motion event is held onto
gtk_window_set_resizable resets to default size.
Wayland: expose wl_subcompositor
ATSPI: Text::GetCharacterExtents() not supported in gtk4
8. Accessibility
Application crashes if catching the tooltip window/popover
GTK4: Gtk.GestureClick no released signal emitted
GtkScale Input
Sidebar scrollbar oscillates when hovered at the right location
[RFC] Moving some code from GdkFrameClockIdle to GdkFrameClock
1. Enhancement GTK4
Pinch-to-zoom skips a lot of pages at times
filechooser entry
assertion failure when destroying GtkListView
GTK3 inspector crashes when starting trace of signal emissions
5. Debugging GTK3

by hrdl
Save file box - no focus at open and increases its size on each call
5. FileChooser GTK4
GTK4 text rendering makes antialiasing mandatory