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GTK 4.4
GTK 4.4
GTK 4.4.0 is now available for download in the usual places. Here are some highlights of the work that has gone into it. The NGL renderer and GL support The NGL renderer has continued to see improv... Read More
The GTK Documentation
The GTK Documentation
As you may have noticed, there have been various changes in the GNOME developer documentation website, as of late. These changes also affected the API references for GTK and its core dependencies. ... Read More
Text input in GTK 4
Text input in GTK 4
To wrap up the recent series of posts about input topics, lets talk about text editing in GTK 4. The simple: shortcuts Maybe you just need to handle a few keys as editing commands, for example Ctrl... Read More

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Popup context menu at GtkColumnView rows
"Hello World in C" example discrepancy
8. Developer Docs
GTK 4 fails to paste clipboard claiming UTF-8 validation error
Keyboard: Set shortcut does not work for key-codes > 247
adding stateful actions to menubar with active windows uses LOTS of CPU in GTK4.
GtkFileChooserDialog: Typing text in the search field triggers critical warnings
5. FileChooser GTK3
when I change the keyboard layout to a language that writes from right to left the number moves to the left in the widget in use and overlaps with the word
【GtkTextView】Crashed in the multi-screen device when pop up the menu
1. Crash GTK4 Windows
Accessibility: keyboard navigation goes through folded Expander items
Line spacing jump when adding first character to line
gtk3: On Wayland, copy-pasting content to another client breaks sometimes
Accessibility: status bar’s children not exposed to at-spi
8. Accessibility GTK3
ctrl+period keybindings no longer work
1. Regression GTK3 Input
CSS border influences GtkListView
Please implement xdg_activation_v1 for Gtk3
Inconsistency between gtk_window_present() on GTK 3 and GTK 4
GTK4 Wayland