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Adventures in graphics APIs
Adventures in graphics APIs
Various people are working on porting desktop virtualization UIs to GTK4. This typically involves virgl, and the GTK3 solution was to use GtkGLArea. With GTK4, rendering is happening in GL anyway, ... Read More
GTK 4.2.0
GTK 4.2.0
GTK 4.2.0 is now available for download in the usual places. This release is the result of the initial round of feedback from the application developers porting their projects to GTK4, so it mostly... Read More
Input, revisited
Input, revisited
My last update talked about better visual feedback for Compose sequences in GTK’s input methods. I did not explicitly mention dead keys back then, but historically, X11 has treated dead keys and Co... Read More

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Gtk fuzzer to catch crashes, memory leak and undefined behaviour
GtkIconView: All icons disappear when their background color changes
GTK3 GtkIconView
Docs: No mention of packing -> layout in migration guide
8. Developer Docs GTK4
demo: Open menu prevent refocus
GTK4 X11
(Gtk3) GtkScale crash in gtkgesture.c
Gdk-Message: 14:37:01.643: Error 71 (Protocol error) dispatching to Wayland display.
demo: widget-factory: when menu is open, clicking on headerbar unexpectedly move window
GTK4 X11
GtkEntry text alignment doesn't follow RTL
GtkDialog buttons don't follow GNOME HIG
gtk3: /imwaylandgtk.c:28:10: fatal error: gtk-text-input-client-protocol.h: No such file or directory
Implement CSS z-index prop in GTK CSS
Add style class for "designer" on toplevels in Default theme
Crash when hiding menubar on fullscreen in X11
1. Bug 1. Crash GTK4
[Docs] class.StringFilter add example expression.
8. Developer Docs

by Timo
DnD crash in Hypertext on MacOS
Drag-and-drop GTK3 MacOS
[GTK+ 3] `` requires meson 0.54