GNOME Builder

GNOME Builder

GNOME Builder is a toolsmith for GNOME-based applications. It is a tool to help you write and contribute to great GNOME-based applications.

Visit the official site for GNOME Builder.


  • Search for files, classes, and functions with lightning fast fuzzy search.
  • Explore APIs used by your project with auto-completion for C/C++, Python, Rust, and Vala. For languages without native support, ctags integration is provided.
  • Never lose your place in large code bases thanks to Builder’s source code map.

Getting Builder

Builder is available for download through most popular distributions’ software centers. Source code can be obtained from Builder’s git repository. Builder can also be installed and run via Flatpak:

$ flatpak install --from
$ flatpak run org.gnome.Builder

Getting in Touch

Questions regarding use and development of Builder are welcome though Builder’s Matrix room.

Filing a bug

If you found a problem or have a feature suggestion, feel free to file a bug at GNOME’s bug tracker.

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