GTK+-2.8 Plans


    The "major themes" for the 2.8 release are

    • Cairo support
    • RGBA visuals

    The Cairo, RGBA and Printing plans are explained in detail in Owens talk on the future of rendering in GNOME. Information about the full introspection plans can be found e.g. in bug #139486 or in this mailing list thread.

Tentative schedule
December 16, 2004 GTK+ 2.6 released
January 10, 2005 Start of development
April 1, 2005 Cut off for major features existing in prototype form
June 17, 2005 Major features are in tree, 2.7.0 release (releases every other week until 2.8.0)
July 1, 2005 API freeze
August 1, 2005 2.8.0 release

Possible features (filled circles denote features which are already in CVS)

  • Cairo support

    • Cairo backend for Pango

    • Cairo support in GDK

  • Support RGBA visuals (#150537)

  • GtkIconView enhancements

  • Improvements of the menu system

Bugs on the 2.8 API freeze and 2.8 milestones