Where's the Source?

You can clone the source code repository using git. Instructions on how to use bleeding edge versions of GTK are available on the download page.


GTK is a large project and relies on voluntary contributions. Everyone is invited to help project development. Starting points for contributors are:

Best Practices

When working on GTK/GLib, there are several points one should consider, to keep the code in shape. See the GTK Best Practices.


Current core maintainers of GTK are:

Name Affiliation
Matthias Clasen Red Hat
Behdad Esfahbod Google
Benjamin Otte Red Hat
Alexander Larsson Red Hat
Tristan Van Berkom Codethink
Carlos Garnacho Red Hat
Kristian Rietveld Lanedo GmbH
Michael Natterer Lanedo GmbH
Allison Lortie Canonical
Emmanuele Bassi Endless Mobile

Language Bindings

For information about programming languages other than C which support GTK, see the language bindings available.


If you want to help the GTK project by donating money OR perhaps your company wants to pay someone to develop GTK, you can email the GNOME Foundation. Any donations to GNOME for GTK will ONLY be spent on GTK.